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Pun League Week 6 Results

Pun League

Week 6 Results:

Extra honourable mention this week now that Brexit has meant their value has dipped.

1st place for 100 points and a multipack of Pedigree Chum
Alex Hutchinson with ‘First-Persian-Shooter’/’World of WarCrufts’
The perpetual contender finally sees his hand lifted – both entries could have been winners, couldn’t decide on one, so both take the gold medal.

2nd place for 60 points and a bag of Iams
Tim with ‘Crosshairs of the dog’
A victim of Hutchinson’s prolific pun output, any other week would have seen this ‘shoot’ to the top

3rd place for 40 points and a Bonio
Borderline OK with ‘Game Rover’
You’ll struggle to find anything more solid outside of a fibre-free diet.

20 points and a delousing for each of the honourable mentions:

Bonbarlos – His bark is worse than his byte
Danny – How much did that doggy pay for Windows?
Fardog – Where’s my K-9mm?
Paul Boxshall – Top barksman here looking for a game, just give me a yelp
Dan Christmas – Collar Duty / Renerdish Pod – Collie of Duty
(lots of COD puns -these two were the best)

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