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Pun League Week 15 Results

Pun League

Week 15 Challenge: The rules couldn't be simpler. Give us a pun for this pic. Winners announced next week.#punleague #HashtagGames #pun — Pun League (@punleague) October 22, 2017 Hello Leaguers!   Wow, how long has it been?  You look great!  Life’s obviously treating you well.  Wait, is that young Punston?  Well, hasn’t he grown!  He was knee-high to a low-kneed grasshopper last time I saw him.  How’s the other half?  Oh shit, you’ve split up, ever so sorry, I didn’t know. You get the gist, it’s been a while.  In my defence, I’ve come back from the jaws of death battling the norovirus, having articulated lorries smashing into the back of the punmobile, and getting married. Of course, getting married wasn’t a near death experience, but