Moving Mountains Burger Review: Just How Meaty is it?

Moving Mountains Burger Review

I tried the new Moving Mountains burger that’s been making the headlines lately. It’s the meat-free burger that ‘bleeds’, but does it actually taste like meat? First off, I have an admission to make: I’m not a vegetarian. I did however try veganism for a whole year recently (that’s a whole ‘nother post though), but have since reverted back to my carnivorous ways. That’s not to say that I haven’t changed my diet at all: I now eat less meat than I used to, and since finding that there’s some good meat substitutes that I enjoy, have started incorporating a few more of these onto my plate. The new Moving Mountains burger is the latest to have found its way onto

Odd Hobbies for Kids: Street Sign Spotting

odd hobbies for kids street sign spotting

I shouldn't be surprised really. As someone who has had so many hobbies that you could say that one of my hobbies is the collecting of hobbies, it kinda makes sense that my son has also started to get passionate about lots of different topics, before moving his attention on to something else altogether. What's his obsession at the moment? Street sign spotting. Yes, as far as pastimes go it's not really on the 'extreme' end, but at his age everything's new and exciting. He's amazed to find that there's been these signs dotted around us all along, each telling us the name of the street it’s in. When I wake early to go to work and peek in his room I'll often find

The Weekend I Realised I’m Not SuperDad, and Why I’m Okay with It

Pic of toy superman with cape blowing in wind

It goes without saying, we’d all do absolutely anything to ensure our kids are safe from harm: we’d walk on hot coals, climb the highest mountain, listen to the latest Justin Bieber LP, absolutely anything. But last weekend, I found myself lacking. My three-year-old son had caught a bug and, as is often the case, it had hit his asthma hard. We kept an eye on him, gave him his inhaler, and put him to bed. The bug (and possibly the extra mucus) had made him sick a couple of times, but he’s a little trooper, and although obviously unwell, seemed happy enough. My wife and I went about the rest of our night and retired to bed shortly afterwards. We’d kept

The Dangers of Teaching Your Child Good Manners

We all try to teach our kids to use good manners, but are there any hidden problems with that? “Now Tarquin, what’s the magic word?” “Pleeeease!” We’ve all heard this conversation, prompted our children in the same way, and even been on the receiving end back when we were all ill-mannered little louts, but is there a point when your child can become too polite? Woah, don’t run off! This isn’t a humble-brag post about how my little cherub has the table etiquette befitting of a baron or something - quite the opposite. Instead, I’m concerned that My three-year-old son has discovered a loophole that means that he can still be an absolute lout as long as he does it politely. Let me explain

The Worst Watches Ever: 8 Absolute Shockers

hand drawn watch - worst watches ever

When my son was born, I fancied buying myself a watch to commemorate the occasion, little did I know that I was about to stumble upon some of the worst watches ever made. Surfing around internet watch shops and watch forums, I'd hoped to find something classy, but also different enough to stand out from the usual suspects. It was in searching for something 'different' though that led me into the dark alleyways of horrendous horology. Just take a look at some of these abominations.   My mouth dropped when I saw Steven Tyler's Rolex. Perhaps this fierce-looking Rollie is to blame for the Aerosmith frontman's slack chops too. But is it one of the worst watches ever?     Water-resistant?  Check. Shock-resistant?  Check Gamma radiation-resistant? Hmm...dunno. I

Switch and Go Dinos – Toy Review

Switch and Go Dinos

Hunting for toys for your young boy (or girl)?  Why not unearth some VTech Switch and Go Dinos? My son received two Switch and Go Dinos for his 3rd birthday and it’s fair to say that they’ve been an instant hit. Having no TV show to accompany them, I was initially unsure as to how Greg would react to the unfamiliar characters, but I shouldn’t have worried: as a typical lad who loves both cars and dinosaurs, this merger of the two worlds was right up his street! Nostalgic 30-something fathers will spot that Switch and Go Dinos owe at least a small debt to the old Dinobot Transformers, and man, did I while away some hours as a child bashing those plastic

5 Footballers That Should’ve Become Boxers

5 Footballers That Should've Become Boxers

Ex-England defender, Rio Ferdinand's decision to pursue an Indian summer within the ring may yet prompt other footballers to step through the ropes. Earlier this week, Rio Ferdinand revealed his intentions to join the ranks of footballers who've decided to ditch their boots for gloves.  He follows fellow ex-Premier League stars Curtis Woodhouse and Leon McKenzie into the squared circle, both of whom having amassed respectable enough records (Woodhouse even snaring a British title before a temporary retirement).   Whilst Ferdinand would defy all expectations if he were to get close to either of those fighters' ledgers, it prompts the question - who's next?   Duncan Ferguson Curtis Woodhouse famously tracked down a Twitter troll to scare him into an apology.  Duncan Ferguson went

Amazon Echo: 5 Skills You Might Actually Use

Amazon Echo: 5 Skills You Might Actually Use

Sales of Amazon’s chatty home assistants, the Echo and Echo Dot, became one of Christmas 2017’s biggest success stories.  Seven months on though, are we still using any of the 15,000 skills that Alexa boasts?   Recently published reports suggest that 97% of all skills activated on an Amazon device aren’t used any longer than one day.  Having searched through the available skills for my own Echo Dot, it’s perhaps easy to see why this might be: a lot of them are underdeveloped ideas that perhaps rushed too quickly be amongst the first skills available. There’s also the seemingly low benchmark for getting listed on the official Alexa app.  Here’s the description for the ‘Facts About Lee’ skill for example: “Do you know

5 Neutral Countries to Move to in the Event of World War 3

5 Neutral Countries to Move to in the Event of World War 3

These are scary and uncertain times.  Recent events have suggested that a third large-scale war (whilst hopefully unlikely) wouldn’t be an unfeasible possibility within the next few years.  If, like me, you’re thinking “how can I collapse my foot arches and escape possible conscription?”, then take a look at this list of potential neutral bolt-holes in the event of the rest of the world going mad: 5. Japan Constitutionally forbidden from participating in wars, the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ statistically offers the highest life expectancy of any country’s population in the world: surely a boon for anyone escaping world war 3. For: Sushi. You can spend your days cooking noodles, talking to cats, and pretending you’re in a Murakami novel. Against: That language

Facebook Discover Their AI Inventing Its Own Language

Facebook Discover Their AI Inventing Its Own Language

Facebook shut down two bots that abandoned English to start communicating with each other in their own language. A recent report by Fact Co. Design reveals that Facebook pulled the plug on a project that saw two AI bots negotiating with each other in a language unknown to humans. Alice and Bob, the two negotiating bots, were thought to have deviated from their original English in favour of a more efficient way to communicate.  The following dialogue was recorded whilst the two decided how to distribute a set of balls between them. Bob: you i everything else Alice: balls have a ball to me to me to me to me to me to me to me Bob: i i can i i i everything else Alice: balls have a ball