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5 Footballers That Should’ve Become Boxers

5 Footballers That Should've Become Boxers

Ex-England defender, Rio Ferdinand’s decision to pursue an Indian summer within the ring may yet prompt other footballers to step through the ropes.

Earlier this week, Rio Ferdinand revealed his intentions to join the ranks of footballers who’ve decided to ditch their boots for gloves.  He follows fellow ex-Premier League stars Curtis Woodhouse and Leon McKenzie into the squared circle, both of whom having amassed respectable enough records (Woodhouse even snaring a British title before a temporary retirement).   Whilst Ferdinand would defy all expectations if he were to get close to either of those fighters’ ledgers, it prompts the question – who’s next?


Duncan Ferguson

Curtis Woodhouse famously tracked down a Twitter troll to scare him into an apology.  Duncan Ferguson went one better, and knocked several shades out of a would-be burglar he disturbed in his house.  This intruder goes down as one of the UK’s dumbest ever criminals: not just for attempting to steal from a man with history of assault, but also for thinking there’d be any silverware to pinch in an Everton player’s gaff.  Add Big Dunc’s penchant for violence to the fact that he has a potentially great ring-name in Duncan ‘Disorderly’ Ferguson, and we’ve got ourselves a winner.

Boxer most like:  A Scottish Kovalev.


Roy Keane

The Irishman carved out a career as a combative midfielder that was able to strike fear into opponents by reputation alone in much the same way Mike Tyson used to be able to.   Unfortunately, Keane got into trouble for excerpts of his autobiography, which revealed that he had planned to hospitalise one of his opponents before attempting to do just that, in much the way Mike Tyson used to.

Boxer most like: Marauding Irishman Gary O’Sullivan


Peter Crouch

Height is a great attribute in boxing if used right.  This is one of the reasons that we see boxers killing themselves to make the scales in weight divisions in which they can be the bigger man.  Step forward 6’7″ featherweight, Peter Crouch.  Those long skinny limbs would strike terror throughout the lighter divisions, enabling Crouchy to keep foes at arm’s length without them ever getting in the same postcode as him.  Want to talk about relentless pressure? Crouch could jab his opponent whilst both are sat in opposite corners inbetween rounds.

Boxer most like: 6’3″ welterweight Paul Williams


Cristiano Ronaldo

Who wouldn’t want to see Ronaldo get punched?  Referees may perpetually keep sending him back to his corner to attend to his overly-greased-up features though.  Cautious referees meanwhile may call fights off prematurely if mistaking his obnoxious winking for an eye injury. No, I still haven’t got over the 2006 World Cup.

Boxer most like: Skillful, pretty and wildly successful – Oscar De La Hoya


Adebayo Akinfenwa

16 stone Wycombe striker, ‘The Beast’ ploughs through League 2 defences like a bowling bowl through skittles.  I won’t say anything disparaging in regards to the underrated hot-shot Akinfenwa, as it’s likely Wycombe will be playing at my hometown again next season and I don’t want to be snapped into a pre-match snack.

Boxer most like: Musclebound heavyweight Larry Olubamiwo


Have we missed anyone?  Which footballers do you think could make it as a boxer?  Let us know below.



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