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Pun League Week 5 Results

Pun League

Week 5 Results:


1st place for 100 points and a World Cup winner’s medal –
David Kennedy with ‘Free Rangers’

There was only one winner this week folks, D. Kennedy must have spent all week stewing on chicken puns to provide us with a veritable boneless banquet of wordplay, plucking not one, but a full 11 names out for a full team sheet! Here’s his entry in full –

Free Rangers (Mixed XI)

1. Pollo Robinson
2. John Poul-Terry
3. Tom Featherly
4. Poulet-on Baines
5. Peri-Peri Groves
6. Kevin De Broiler
7. David Peck’em
8. Chic Kim Little
9. Robin Coq Au Vin Persie
10. Robbie Fowl-er
11. chiKANUdle Soup

Man: Rhode Island Redknapp

If that wasn’t enough, he signs off with “That’s it…done in…Naymar chicken puns left”, at which point we imagine him dropping a USB mic and walking away from his laptop.

2nd place for 60 points and an FA Cup winners’ medal –
Alex Hutchinson with ‘Chicken Tikka-Takka’
Always the bridesmaid, but I imagine the disappointment at missing out on top-spot may be tempered by a glance at the league table I’m soon to post – hint, hint.

3rd place for 40 points and a Community Shield –
John @JFD1960 for ‘Wayne HENnessey’
Mainly because I’m feeling topical after today’s match, but also because I’m amazed it escaped David Kennedy’s scouting network.

Half-time oranges and 20 points a piece go to –

Paul Boxshall – I feel like kickin tonight
Jason Farghaly – Bend it like bantam
Danny @jinjar247 – He’s roasted that chicken, he’ll go on to lift the coop
Phil @phileb727 – Professional fowl
Angelo in San Diego – Finger kickin’ good

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