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Moving Mountains Burger Review: Just How Meaty is it?

Moving Mountains Burger Review

I tried the new Moving Mountains burger that’s been making the headlines lately. It’s the meat-free burger that ‘bleeds’, but does it actually taste like meat? First off, I have an admission to make: I’m not a vegetarian. I did however try veganism for a whole year recently (that’s a whole ‘nother post though), but have since reverted back to my carnivorous ways. That’s not to say that I haven’t changed my diet at all: I now eat less meat than I used to, and since finding that there’s some good meat substitutes that I enjoy, have started incorporating a few more of these onto my plate. The new Moving Mountains burger is the latest to have found its way onto

Switch and Go Dinos – Toy Review

Switch and Go Dinos

Hunting for toys for your young boy (or girl)?  Why not unearth some VTech Switch and Go Dinos? My son received two Switch and Go Dinos for his 3rd birthday and it’s fair to say that they’ve been an instant hit. Having no TV show to accompany them, I was initially unsure as to how Greg would react to the unfamiliar characters, but I shouldn’t have worried: as a typical lad who loves both cars and dinosaurs, this merger of the two worlds was right up his street! Nostalgic 30-something fathers will spot that Switch and Go Dinos owe at least a small debt to the old Dinobot Transformers, and man, did I while away some hours as a child bashing those plastic