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Welcome to the Lucky Ladder!

Pic of me trying to look like an author-style photo
Practising my serious-looking ‘author-style’ pose for if I ever get published

Welcome to the Lucky Ladder. Well, the third incarnation of the Lucky Ladder anyway.  Nostalgia fans can check out the old sports site here.  Don’t look too closely though, I’ll probably re-use all the good bits (that’s right, both of them).

Gone are the days of blokey sports articles on the Lucky Ladder. As parenthood slowly changed me, it also caused the Lucky Ladder to morph into a different beast as well: the sports gossip and funny news have been replaced with concerns about Lemsip and runny poos. Hey! Maybe I should have a poetry section too!

With my days as Lincolnshire’s most eligible man behind me, I find myself married now (to the lovely AHM), and along the way have somehow acquired a primary-age stepdaughter who thinks she’s walked off an American high school drama (“like, whatever, that’s lame”), and a semi-feral young son who loudly tries to publicly shame me in restaurants for farts I didn’t do (“that smells, Daddy. Sit over there instead”).

Now in year four of procrastinating/writing the UK’s answer to Moby Dick, I have aspirations of becoming a Man Booker-winning novelist one day, but have slowly began to realise that running around after a toddler can have a detrimental effect on your writing productivity (who knew?!). Currently working as a copywriter for a large safety and workwear supplier, I’ve previously had articles published nationally and internationally for Boxing News and other sites.  A small selection of portfolio clippings can be found here, though only a small selection, as I’m too tight to spring for the premium portfolio package.

If you’re interested in working with me, I’d love to hear from you.  Get in touch via either the contact us page or by emailing