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5 Footballers That Should’ve Become Boxers

5 Footballers That Should've Become Boxers

Ex-England defender, Rio Ferdinand's decision to pursue an Indian summer within the ring may yet prompt other footballers to step through the ropes. Earlier this week, Rio Ferdinand revealed his intentions to join the ranks of footballers who've decided to ditch their boots for gloves.  He follows fellow ex-Premier League stars Curtis Woodhouse and Leon McKenzie into the squared circle, both of whom having amassed respectable enough records (Woodhouse even snaring a British title before a temporary retirement).   Whilst Ferdinand would defy all expectations if he were to get close to either of those fighters' ledgers, it prompts the question - who's next?   Duncan Ferguson Curtis Woodhouse famously tracked down a Twitter troll to scare him into an apology.  Duncan Ferguson went

The Premier League at 25: The Best Premier Eleven

Best Premier League Eleven

The transformative years of England’s top division has seen our grounds graced by some of the finest world talent that football can offer, making selecting a best Premier League eleven a difficult prospect.   The 25th anniversary of the Premier League has seen the whole world and their dog compiling their best premier elevens. That 25 year span has seen England’s top tier morph from a mostly insular affair, into the multinational spectacle enjoyed by the global audience it enjoys today. This list is just based on my (incredibly biased and subjective) opinion on the best players.  No consideration has been given to how they might actually work together, the perceived historical importance (including players such as Cantona who kick-started Man Utd’s era