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Pun League Week 7 Results

Pun League

Week 7 Results

You lot did well this week with what I thought was a tough-looking challenge. Couple of puns in though, and like the bed, it soon took off.

A few new faces to the table this week, which ought to rattle those stalwarts who were starting to get a bit too comfy up top! Duvet deserve it? You decide.

1st place for 100 points and a water bed filled with champagne –
Danny (@jinjar247) with ‘Suffering from bed soars’

2nd place for 60 points and the finest silk pyjamas –
Ron Nei with ‘Hanging by a thread-count’

3rd place for 40 points and a mug of Horlicks –
David Giles with ‘Up, up and duvet!’

20 points a piece and clean sheets for the Honourable mentions –

Ruby Drummond – ‘You’ve made your bed, now fly in it’

Dominic Bailey – ‘Lucy in the sky with divans’

Dan Christmas – ‘Nice view of the whore-risin”

Paul Boxshall – ‘Looks like she’s about to drop off’

Paul Sullivan – Looks like it’s Munster under my bed’

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