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Pun League Week 4 Results

Pun League

Week 4 Results:

Geez! That was maybe the toughest challenge yet. I always had faith in you guys though, knowing that whatever pic I post – the pun will come.

Big week for us too, as we smashed the 1,000 Leaguers mark on Twitter! I had planned a special surprise for the 1,000th Leaguer, but I forgot who it was. Oh well, I love you all equally anyway.

You Twitterers need to show some love to the FB page though! This is where we’ll break the internet!

An absolute glut of “doesn’t carrot all”, and karat/carrot puns meant that, although all rock-solid punnery, the sheer multitude of similar entries made it difficult to pick a winner above the rest (though Poesie Dalek managed to smut it up a bit and get an honourable mention).

Without further ado:

1st place for 100 points – Accidental Hipster Mum with ‘Soup-a-Soaker’, a pun so sharp you need adult supervision to read it.

2nd place for 60 – Nicolas Sellens with ‘You can’t beta carotene the bath”. Nicolas’ bio reveals that he is the author of 1002 Terrible Puns. That’s right, Leaguers, there’s professional punners amongst us now, this shit is going next level.

3rd place for 40 – Phil with ‘When I said you needed a dip with those carrots…’.

20 points a piece for the honourable mentions:

Marlo – ‘Carriot Tubman’

Jambomad – ‘Let me root around and I’ll find the soap’

Poesie Dalek – ‘Sue always dreamed of being the one with the most carrots in her ring. She chose an unusual bath to reach that goal’

Gene and Tonic – ‘I’d taproot that’

Ruby Drummond/David Kennedy – ‘Just vegging out’


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