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Pun League Week 3 Results

Pun League

Week 3 Results:

“Don’t touch religion!” They said.

Pun League ignored that advice and received a raft of very odd (and slightly scary) messages this week that I can’t even repeat. Seriously!

Beyond that, some say that religion is only good for creating wars, and these claims were only vindicated by Leaguers Ech and Jack Drummond-Joy butting their pun antlers in a heated Twitter war over the rights to ‘Pope-a-Cola’. Thankfully, the two Leaguers settled their differences (or similarities) before it reached fizz-ticuffs.


1st place for 100 points and divine immortality – Darren Williams with ‘Mass-produced drink’.

2nd place for 60 points and all sins forgiven – Alex Hutchinson with ‘Diocese Coke’.

3rd place for 40 points and a bottle of church red – Gabby Gellerman with ‘Nun shall pass, only the holy can’

20 points and a holy bucket each to:

Angelo in San Diego – Pope’s bidding done by secret aluminatti (although Strachan Craig had already posted something similar, he hadn’t liked the page! You’ve gotta be in it to wi…get an honourable mention)

David Kennedy – Padre finding himself a little cross on litter

Accidental Hipster Mum – The holy tinity

John Leyton – Parting of the red C

And what the hell, Ech – Pope-a-Cola. You gotta admire a man who fights for his pun.

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