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Pun League Week 2 Results

Pun League

Week 2 Results

This is the week Pun League grew into a man: steady growth on FB, and an astronomical rise in numbers on Twitter, swelled our numbers to over 500, meaning competition is getting FIERCE! But anyway…

1st place and 100 points go to Will Nash on Twitter with ‘Uramaki me wanna go on my Playstation’. You dare to hit me with a sushi terminology pun, and I’ll hit you back twice as hard with a gold medal my friend.

2nd place and 60 points go to Ruby Drummond with ‘It Sony wok and sole (but I like it)’, operating on more levels than a surgeon in an elevator.

3rd place and 40 points goes to Marina Isaac on Twitter with the rock-solid ‘Roll playing game’.

Honourable mentions and a cool 20 points each go to:

Dean Smith – Play (cru)stacean
Darren Williams – Mario a la Kart
ObscureBM – This sushi is a little too gamey for me.
Borderline OK – Joy! Sticky Rice!
David Kennedy – The Low Fat Controller

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