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Pun League Week 9 Results

Pun League

Week 9 Results

This looked like a tough challenge at first, but boy, did you lot come through. Like an episode of You’ve Been Framed though, there’s plenty of new faces hitting the table this week.

1st place for 100 points and a gold-plated Bentley
Scott Vokes – ‘Is it an Audi? I heard four rings’

2nd place for 60 points and a silver Volvo
Gabe Winchester – ‘Speed dial’

3rd place for 40 points and a Lada with bronze-coloured rust
Tom King – ‘TalkTorque’

20 points a piece and your own Rolls (cheese or bacon & egg) to the honourable mentions:

Danny – ‘Mirror, no signal, manoeuvre’ and ‘Conversable’ – Double assault from Danny, couldn’t choose between them so they both go up.

Paul Boxshall/Jude Dickson – Peals on Wheels

Seth Goodtime – Never thought I’d see tele-portation achieved in my lifetime’

Fardog – Mustang Celly

Nicolas Sellens – Skodafone
Alex Hutchinson – Roadafone
How do you choose between these? 20 points to both of you.

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