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Pun League Week 10 Results

Pun League

Week 10 Results

Well, that was a tougher challenge than expected! Hopping/shopping puns were very popular, with almost everyone going for one variation or another on it. These few Leaguers however, buck-ed the trend –

1st place for 100 points and a 2-night stay in a luxury hutch –
Dan Christmas – Leveret little helps

2nd place for 60 points and a topical abbreviating of his surname –
Alex Hutch(inson) – Lidl Bunny Foo-Food

3rd place for 40 points and some fur-lined gloves
Bailed – Ocadoe

20 points a piece and I’m not sure what they are, I guess they look like raisins(?) to the honourable mentions:

David Kennedy – There’s a hare in my food

Borderline OK – I’ve got to eat healthier; no more mixing my toasties

Darren Williams – Warren Buffet

Tim – Spending some doe at Sainsburrows

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