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World to End 500/1 & the Rest of Those Big Weekend Tips!

World to End 500/1 & the Rest of Those Big Weekend Tips!

International week brings an abrupt halt to top-tier club football across Europe, and forces us to cast our sports betting nets a little further this weekend.

Paddy Power are offering odds on when the world is going to end.

Yes, yes, I realise there’s a multitude of questions that surround that bet, not least how you propose to be spend your wads of cash should you be lucky enough to survive (I suggest as kindling for your fallout shelter).  The main question for me though was how they’d priced up the odds: 100/1 for armageddon to come this year, and 500/1 for the end to come in 2018 instead.

Do Paddy Power know something?  Either way, with less than 3 months left of 2017, the smart(?) money is on the relatively overpriced 500/1 next year.

Despite that, I found myself hoping for the end of the world to come early on Thursday night as I watched, nay, endured the England vs Slovenia game.  Highlight for me was watching Southgate substitute Sterling for Keane in an effort to protect the 0-0 scoreline.

Paddy Power had us covered there too, simultaneously live streaming a paint-drying contest and offering odds on the different colours.

If you don’t want to know the result, look away now.

Green nicked it.

You won’t find a primer example of novelty betting markets than that.

Anyway, on to those big weekend tips, and surely there must be some sporting action worthy of our ladder pots this week?

Well as a matter of fact there is.  First of all though, let’s take a moment to recognise the fact that ALL of our ladder bets on the football have come up so far.  That means that if you’d staked a fiver on them all, you’d be wiping your bums with £50 notes by now.  Well, you’d have £140 anyway, what you choose to do with it is up to you.

Most importantly, the main ladder tip of Exeter at 8/11 rolled in, meaning that the ladder pot climbs to a very healthy £44.16 from £3 in just 2 weeks.  Well on the way to that million!

So what does half the pot go on this weekend?

Here’s the dry seats in an otherwise sodden sports betting public toilet:


Short odds for bulking up your acca:

Those international games have too many variables to make studying the stats worthwhile.  Looking closer to home instead, Lincoln 4/7 at home to Chesterfield and Salford City 3/10 at home to Leamington both have the form gods on their side though.  Anthony Crolla looks solid too at 4/11 to end the career of shop-worn Ricky Burns on Saturday night.  Burns always seems to up his game when he’s an underdog though, so be careful!

Lucky Ladder nap of the week:

Notts County at home to Forest Green.  When scouring through the form and stats, I originally thought about going with Lincoln before I checked the odds.  I’d assumed Notts County’s odds would be so short that it’d be pointless to back them. Not so, despite Notts County losing their last match, and Forest Green winning theirs, this should still be one-sided – 1/2.

Long odds for the brave ladderer:

Wrexham and Eastleigh have more draws between them than a La Senza sales rack.  23/10 for the draw might appeal for anyone who still does the pools.

Nigel Benn’s son, Conor fights this weekend against 6-fight novice, Nathan Clark.  Conor at the moment has a career based around a surname that commands far greater respect than his regrettably limited talent does.  Whilst Matchroom are moving him very slowly, and he’s still only young, it appears to be a matter of time before he’s upset by some unassuming underdog.  Looking at his record, I don’t think Nathan Clarke is that man, but if you can’t wait for a better candidate Clarke can be backed for 25/1.

Let us know how you get on!


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