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Switch and Go Dinos – Toy Review

Switch and Go Dinos

Hunting for toys for your young boy (or girl)?  Why not unearth some VTech Switch and Go Dinos?

My son received two Switch and Go Dinos for his 3rd birthday and it’s fair to say that they’ve been an instant hit.

Having no TV show to accompany them, I was initially unsure as to how Greg would react to the unfamiliar characters, but I shouldn’t have worried: as a typical lad who loves both cars and dinosaurs, this merger of the two worlds was right up his street!

Nostalgic 30-something fathers will spot that Switch and Go Dinos owe at least a small debt to the old Dinobot Transformers, and man, did I while away some hours as a child bashing those plastic Autobots around.

Whilst I’d love to foster an appreciation for the same warmongering robots in my son as well, I’ve found that the modern-day Transformers toys are, well, a bit disappointing.  Indeed, on a recent trip to the toy shop, I found several Transformers toys that don’t even transform.  I mean, surely that’s a prerequisite of being a Transformer, isn’t it?  It’s like buying a Care Bear that doesn’t care, or a My Little Pony that’s somebody else’s large dog.

Switch and Go Dinos


Switch and Go Dinos push all the same buttons that those old Transformers toys used to: they actually look like dinosaurs when ‘switched’, and there’s an element of satisfaction in knowing how to snap all the different limbs and wheels around to switch between each form.  It’s great to see your young one learn how to transform the cars to dinosaurs and vice-versa on their own.

Greg got Horns the triceratops and Grando the giganotosaurus.  Both are very well made and have already taken a fair bit of punishment.  When we play, he’ll usually give me the baddy, Grando to play with (at least I think he’s a baddy, he plays some ominous music and has a scar below his eye, but perhaps I should stop judging folk against stereotypes).  The toys will usually have a bit of a bash up and a roar at each other before having a race in their car modes.

Switch and Go DinosA note of caution for parents though – these are noisy!  The toys play several ‘revvy’ noises whilst in car mode, multiple roars in dinosaur mode, and even the odd taunt, boast, or educational offering whilst in either: “watch me switch, and then go, I’ll leave you speechless, like ‘woah!’”, or “triceratops means ‘three-horned face’” being two such utterances.  Thankfully both have volume buttons though.

All in all, these make excellent gifts for kids from the age of around three and upwards.  A stegosaurus has already been ordered to add to our family of VTech Switch and Go Dinos!

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