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The Most High Stakes Penalty Ever & This Weekend’s Tips

You may consider Notts County’s 2006 last minute equaliser against Bury to be the most dramatic penalty ever taken (wait, what do you mean, no?), but this week a small Brazillian team took a spot kick that was so tense it was almost elevense.

In a local game held in one of Rio de Janeiro’s tough and impoverished favelas (if you’re unfamiliar, think Scunthorpe in the summertime), one player held his nerve for a spot kick with the emphasis on shoot-out.

Whilst Portuguese football fans might be accustomed to seeing CR7 step up for penalties, these Brazilians turn up with AK47 instead.



Credit should be given to the keeper, who it would appear chose the right way to dive.

Although this may seem shocking to fans used to the more civilised games we enjoy over here (not you, Scunthorpe fans).  This could eventually be the answer to the England national side’s penalty woes.  Should England fall out of next year’s World Cup due to another woeful round of spot-kicks, we may see calls for a Darwinian-style selection policy along these lines for our penalty takers.

On to the ladder pot, and the less said about last week the better.  Other tips sites won’t mention the losses, instead focusing on the winning tips that came off in the hope that readers won’t notice.  No such policy here at the Ladder: we’ve been doing well enough to acknowledge a stinker when we encounter one.

In fact, like a manure trader, everything we touched went to shit last week.

Which seems to be a trend.  Although we’re boasting a very decent winning winning record, on the rare occasion that we have picked a dud, the entirety of our other selections have gone down the pan too.  Meaning that if our ladder bet ever fails in the future, you should get busy laying the rest of the selections, because our (very rare) bad weeks are absolute shockers!

Don’t let that bad school report put you off though, the Lucky Ladder is still an A* pupil.  The graph below shows last week is just a small blip in our larger plan.


This week’s noisette triangles amongst the toffee pennies –


Short odds for bulking up your acca:

Utrecht 2/5, Arsenal 1/4


Lucky Ladder bet of the weekend:

For the first time this season, we revisit a team that has served us well previously.  That’s right, we’ve bought a day ticket for the Everton bus of resurgence!  The route this bus takes has recently been resurfaced by Paul Clement’s woeful Swansea side to ensure a smooth ride for Big Sam’s men.  Everton at 3/4 play on Monday night, giving you plenty of time to point everyone you know towards that wonderful new tips website you’ve found.


Longer odds for the brave ladderer:

Man City find themselves on one hell of an unbeaten run.  They strung together a decent unbeaten run in the 15/16 season too that was ended by Tottenham, and they also had a good unbeaten thing going in the 16/17 season till Spurs beat them.

Man City play Tottenham 5/1 this Saturday.  I’ll leave you to decide if that’s something of interest or not.



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