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Cavani vs Neymar & the Rest of Those Big Weekend Tips!

Cavani vs Neymar & the Rest of Those Big Weekend Tips!

In a busy week for sports news, Tiger Woods announces that he may never return to competitive golf.  Even if he does indeed call it a day though, his legacy has already been cemented.  The true test of fame is mentioning someone with a name like his, and the other person not laughing and saying ” his name’s what?”.  Feline names are of course par for the course in golf, since naming one of the oldest courses in the world St Andrews Lynx.

On the subject of a couple of big pussies, Edison Cavani and Neymar have publically fallen out over who should take the penalties at PSG.  Relations are said to have hit crisis point this week when Neymar…(brace yourself people) unfollowed Cavani on Instagram!  That creaking sound you can hear is the tearless, unfeeling eyes of Graeme Souness rolling upward.

Gareth Southgate announced the squad for October’s Slovenia and Lithuania games.  No surprise to see West Ham shot-dropper Joe Hart in the mix again.  In a public appeal, the Lucky Ladder implores anyone who may have footage of Hart brawling in the street or mocking the disabled to come forward before the World Cup.

Cavani vs Neymar & the Rest of Those Big Weekend Tips!

Let’s take a look at how we got on last week shall we?

We won!  All the footie tips rolled in (and Campbell and Fury were both very unlucky to be on the wrong side of the judges’ scorecards in tight affairs).  Hopefully you all got in on the nap of East Fife and nb of Royal Mouscron.

In an attempt to speed things up a little, I added on a few more teams and played some six-folds on an eight-teamer.  Here it is:

Cavani vs Neymar & the Rest of Those Big Weekend Tips!

As you can see, the ladder now stands at a juicy-looking £32.39.  Had I not chickened out and cashed in early, I would have taken £43, but with Inter playing the next day, I would have practically been gambling the £32 I was already being offered to win the remaining £11.  Not my style.  I also came tantalisingly close to mega riches with a 20 team accumulator, with PSG and Yeovil’s draws being the difference between me and a yacht-owning me.

With this in mind, a new regular feature has been spawned – the life-changer!

I know some of you lack the patience to find your riches the slow and steady Lucky Ladder way, so here’s Saturday’s life-changing 20-teamer!

Cavani vs Neymar & the Rest of Those Big Weekend Tips!

Cavani vs Neymar & the Rest of Those Big Weekend Tips!

As you can see, I’ve opted for safety first, employing an 18 folds bet at 1p a line, costing £1.90 in total.  This means that I can still win a reduced amount if one or two teams let me down.  Should they all come in though, £30,345,30 awaits my bank account!  Let me know if you try anything similar over the weekend.

On to Ladder business:

Short odds for tacking onto your acca

St Mirren (7/20), Sevilla (4/11) and Eindhoven (1/5) all look even more solid than Joe Hart’s England place.

Lucky Ladder bet of the week

Exeter (8/11) entertain Morecambe and may see half the ladder pot invested on them.

Longer odds for the brave ladderer

Mike Perez (10/3) faces Mairis Briedis in the cruiserweight Super Series. Although Briedis is favourite for this, Perez is still an unknown quantity down at 14st 4lbs.  He’s faced some quality operators up at heavyweight, and won’t be overawed by the occasion.  It wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see the talented Cuban’s arm raised on Saturday, despite the huge surprise-suggesting odds.



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