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Black Friday Betting Tips

klopp looking mardy

You’ll be pushing over elderly women and children to snatch these red hot tips off the shelves!

Firstly, let me apologise for Lucky Ladder’s absence over the last few weeks.  It’s truly been for the best though, as I’ve had a run of luck that producers of the Final Destination films would reject as too unrealistic.

An astrologically-minded colleague tells me it’s because I currently have Mars in my sign.  If that’s the case, I’ve done my work, now I need to rest and play.

A glimmer of light shines through those top rungs though: Twitter followers would have hopefully got on the Man City/Liverpool/Celtic treble last Saturday, and then Inter Milan on Sunday (the latter at surprisingly good odds).  I did, and lifted the ladder pot to a lip-smacking £60.78.  Seven bets in and already on 20X our original stake.  If that rate continues, we’ll smash the £1,000 barrier by our 14th! Just take a look at that chart now.

Lucky Ladder Chart of Destiny Nov

There was no concern in picking Liverpool last week, as they tackled a toothless Southampton.  But as Sevilla demonstrated midweek, you back them at your peril against anyone who can but the ball between the posts.

I’d planned to find some odds for Harry Maguire or Jamaal Lascelles to join Liverpool should the Van Dijk transfer not come off, but instead it’s perhaps worth looking at odds of Klopp to leave should he still not strengthen his defence in January.  With his own players starting to speak out, it seems Klopp is the only one still to realise that his defence is more disorganised than the McDonalds social media department.


On to our Black Friday tips!

Short odds for bulking up your acca:

Spurs 2/9, Raith 2/7, Juventus 2/13


Lucky Ladder bet of the weekend:

Blackburn 4/5 to beat Bristol Rovers, whose away form has been terrible.


Longer odds for the brave ladderer:

Caen 9/4 to beat Bordeaux.  They’re close in the table, but the form guide tells a very different tale.  These are the sort of odds that make you think ‘is there something I’m missing here?’

Why not stick both balls on the train track and team them up with Schalke 7/2, who find themselves away to the (surprisingly poor) Dortmund.  The double pays 13/1



The Lucky Ladder Long Shot:

All the above plus Elgin, Dundee, Real Madrid, Sociedad, Heracles and Ajax returns around 350/1.



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